I wanted veneers and needed one of top dentists in Denver to do the work. I got a promotion at work and finally amassed the money needed to undergo the procedure. Really I needed to do this a long time ago as my teeth just got so bad that I wouldn’t smile in public. I didn’t even like brushing my teeth because that would require me to look at my stained teeth in the mirror. Compounding the problem were several gaps I had from when my permanent teeth grew in when I was a child. They just looked awful.

It was my sister who first suggested veneers many years ago. She inherited the same lousy teeth and had hers done several years ago. When I saw her at Thanksgiving I couldn’t believe how great her gleaming smile looked. She had flawless, perfect teeth and I noticed she smiled a lot more than I remember her doing when we were growing up. That’s when I got the resolve to do mine when I could finally find the funds to do it. Now that I’m ready, I wanted the best dentist I could find to make sure it got done correctly.

I found a clinic and made an appointment, although it was more of a consultation to see if veneers would work for me. When we found out I could do them, I came back to have them put in and really it was about the most painless thing I’ve ever had done at a dentist. It was even easier than a cleaning. He had to take off some of the enamel before putting them on, but it went smoothly and I didn’t feel any discomfort during or after the procedure. When I finally made the big reveal in public, the compliments I got made the whole thing worthwhile!

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