Is the Flu Vaccine Safe?

Medical science has undergone millennia of innovations and discoveries. Different medicinal products are continually being made each day. The products are made as curative, preventive, disease and conditions management and supplements. One of the common infections that infect people is flu. It is caused by a virus. There is a vaccine that has been developed against flu in the recent past. The vaccine has been promoted widely as an effective way to prevent flu.

It has been proving through research that the vaccine does not offer the best approach to stay away for flu. There are better solutions to keep flu away instead of taking an injection. Various studies have proven that it is you are safer when not injected immunized against flu. The vaccine is not an essential one and one ought to compare the said benefits against the costs. No evidence has been provided to show that the vaccine protects children against the flu. The injection can only fight specific strains of the virus and not all. This puts a person who is immunized against a certain variety at a higher risk of becoming infected if faced with a different variety.

The injection has proven to cause varies health conditions such as immunological problems and other infections. As as a result the body becomes prone to infections that it was supposed to be protected from by the flu vaccine. Other than immunizing the body against the virus, the injection exposes the body to the virus. Children usually develop runny noses, pneumonia, and other infections after few days or weeks of the injection. This is usually a reaction of the body to the introduction of the flu virus.The main shortcoming of this shot is if it causes immune-suppression.
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In case one has a condition lowering the body immunity level; the vaccine is not advisable as it involves the introduction of a virus into the body In such a body, the virus can get a chance to become more strong and affect the person. There is higher than the maximum allowable quantities of mercury in the injection. High doses of mercury can lead to memory loss, respiratory challenges, oral health problems and digestive imbalances.
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Alzheimer’s disease, in particular, can attack the elderly. The body resistance continues to grow weaker as one age. The flu vaccine increases the rate of immunity deterioration making the fluid situation worse.

The worst thing is that overuse of the vaccine has the potential to force the flu virus to mutate into more deadly strains. As such. Looking for other safe means to keep the flu at bay is advisable. Most people who take the vaccine develop a serious infection shortly after. It is on your shoulder to seek for better ways to live healthily and how to remedy different health conditions.