Tips for Safely Importing Medications from Licensed Canadian Pharmacies The need to import medication may arise due to various reasons. An example is when there is a new prescription drug in the market that has not become available in your home nation. Shortages can also result in the importation of the medication. Though you will find it safest and fastest to buy such medication via the internet, you cannot just buy from the first source you come across. By making use of the following guide, it will be easy for you to safely import medication from licensed pharmacies from any country. Only trust sites that offer drugs upon receiving proof of the presence of a prescription. Such merchants are only interested in making a sale and don’t care whether or not the medication is helpful or harmful when used. Prescriptions are in place for various reasons, including the potency of the active ingredients and side effects. The absence of the prescription requirement could also indicate that the site operators are untrained in pharmacy. A genuine site is one with a licensed pharmacist who is always available to get such details. A genuine online drug store will only sell approved products. Government and other bodies are charged with the task of certifying products before they are placed on the market. Sites that sell drugs that have not passed such checks are also unscrupulous; and so, should be avoided because they are risky to your health.
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Make certain that the site is licensed to sell prescription drugs by the authorities in its jurisdiction. It is your only assurance that the site acts in accordance with certain set rules. Some research into this aspect is needed because you should conform such information before placing an order.
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There should be someone available to address all the issues that you may wish to raise before buying prescription drugs online. Note that you may need clarifications regarding some aspects before making a purchase. If such assistance is unavailable, you may purchase a product that you do not know how to use since you can’t read a prescription yourself. Check what the site’s privacy policy has to say since you do not want your details disclosed without your permission. Make sure that its contents are desirable in that your express consent is needed before such details can be shared out. Also, only share financial and other details after making sure that the site will keep that information safe. Such details include health or medical history and credit card numbers. Though it is cheaper to buy prescription drugs online, you need to be careful about price. Visit various sites to check prices before committing your funds.