Non Medication Methods of Fighting Anxiety

We live in times where the use of medication seems to be increasing with every rising of the sun. A case in point is when it comes to folks suffering anxiety every so often whereby the doctor’s prescription always seems to be the first line of defense. In real sense, medication should be the last resort now that there are drug free alternatives available these days. Keep reading this article if you desire to learn more.

Experts advocate for exercise now that research shows that people that don’t do so are prone to anxiety disorders. A direct correlation exists between anxiety and exercising now that you will remain in high spirits thanks to the neurotransmitters generated courtesy of an active lifestyle. Exercise has also been seen to wipe out stress hormones that play a major role in triggering anxiety. Should you wish for mental health that is topnotch, you can never go wrong with exercising.

Nutrition is something you cannot afford to overlook as it is among the effective stress fighters. Anxiety is likely to always knock at your door when you are deficient of the mineral magnesium. The food processing we have these days are unfortunately a leading cause of magnesium being stripped off from meals that we take. Should you think that this mineral is lacking in your body, consult a doctor near you now that magnesium supplements can help.

Breathing exercise has also been seen to help in the fight against anxiety. People that suffer panic attacks every so often are familiar about hyperventilation and should you be among them, you will be happy to learn that breathing exercise can help keep your body in a calm state. Breathing in slowly through your nose and exhaling through pursed lips will help create the correct carbon dioxide balance hence reducing anxiety symptoms.

This might seem unorthodox but shouting could be the secret to helping you keep anxiety at bay. As you had probably guessed, it would be better to always do this in secluded areas not unless you want folks to start judging you. If you desire to let out any pent up negative energy, making shouting your second nature will come in handy. Feel free to even punch pillows now that this behavior is fun to do and thus help keep you stress free.

It would also help to know the triggers that make you stressed. In the course of the day, take note of whatever it is that gets on your nerves now that this will enlighten on the no-go zones. You should as well note down experiences that make the quality of your life better and incorporate to your daily living. Knowing of the do’s and don’ts will make sure you are always on track.