Smoking and smoking cannabis is not recommended for anyone, including pregnant women. A study from the Florida Marijuana Doctor said smoking and smoking marijuana during pregnancy has many negative effects.

About 1 percent (106 participants) smoked marijuana during pregnancy.

Of the 106 participants, 48 ​​of whom also smoked cigarettes. In total there are approximately 2 percent (242 participants) who smoked cigarettes during pregnancy.

The study found that participants who smoked and smoked marijuana were twice as likely to have asthma, 2.5 times as premature, and 3 times as likely to have babies with small heads and low birth weight.

Not only that, pregnant women who smoke or smoke cannabis also high risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety disorders and hypertension.

These things increase the risk of mother bleeding during childbirth that can lead to death.

“The same risk also occurs in pregnant women who smoke, but if coupled with the use of marijuana, the risk increases many times,” said Doctors in Florida, quoted by Reuters on Monday (13/02/2018).

Dr Carri R. Warshak of the Marijuana Doctors in Florida, Ohio says low birth weight is very dangerous for infants. In addition to the risk of malnutrition, infants are also at risk of experiencing premature death due to a weak immune system. If you live to adulthood too, the risk of developing baby disorders including large growth.

“When the baby is born prematurely and small, the chances of life and health status will worsen, and babies may not reach adulthood and are at risk of developing growth disorders,” he explained.

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